Evolution of the School

In 2015, Omar rented a 2 room house in the village of Guadalajara for the school. It was an English Academy for the first 2 years while Omar waited to get the license for the school from the government. The license was finally given and the accredited school opened in 2017 with pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade classes. The business plan for the school is to add one more grade each year so as the years progress so does the need for classrooms and teachers. By 2018 they had outgrown the space and Omar was seeking a new location that would have room to accommodate them in 2020 and beyond.

After much searching and negotiating the school settled into a large space with dilapidated buildings adjacent to the Nuevo Paraíso facility and community. There was much work to do to refurbish the abandoned buildings and grounds of "the old bakery". They were grateful to have more space and room for future growth. 

With the gracious funding and helping hands from caring donors we were able to make short work of the refurbishment. Getting 3 buildings ready for students by October of 2019. The new campus currently consists of 3 buildings that house 4 classrooms and an administrative office.

There is a shell of a 4th building on site that will be the future home of 4th - 9th grades. The 4th - 9th building is planning to be refurbished in 2021 and ready for 4th - 6th grades in 2022. According to our plan, the 4th building will accommodate the growth through 2025. In 2025 we plan to build another building for the High School which will be 9th - 12th grade classrooms.

Global Support 2019

In 2019 a group of volunteers from Seattle and Chicago donated funds and their time to refurbish the buildings and help us to improve the campus.  We are grateful to our donors and sponsors for continuing to support the school and the students.